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Like so many of you, I was not born or raised here. After careful and thorough research, I CHOSE Martin County as my home.

I was raised in a small town and on a farm in southern Illinois. I attended the University of Illinois and graduated from Texas A & M University.

My husband, Jeff, and I have been married for 37 years. When we met Jeff was a Navy pilot, and we traveled a good deal. We assumed that when it was time for us to settle down, we would return to Jeff’s hometown, Boca Raton. By 1986, we had abandoned that plan. Boca Raton was far too overdeveloped for us.

We had lived in Texas, Florida, and Spain. I had lived in Illinois, Arizona, and California. We had lived in cities, towns, in the country, on the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Bay of Cadiz.

We knew that we wanted to live in a subtropical climate with abundant waterfront and a verdant and healthy environment. We kept returning to Martin County.

How unique Martin County is in south Florida! With its miles of navigable rivers and estuaries, with its banks gracefully lined in mangroves not trapped in concrete bulkheads, it is a refreshing retreat. The wide open spaces, uncrowded beaches, and 4 story height limit reflect the community’s commitment to a superior quality of life for all residents. The pride and importance of a viable agricultural community and traditional neighborhoods were obvious.

We loved the unfranchised look and feel of Martin County. There was no mistaking its independence from the omnipresent Disney-like towns that were springing up overnight all over south Florida.

Martin County was a real and vibrant community, one that clearly was content, proud, and determined to be different. It beckoned us. We jumped in, and the rest of my biography will be written right here.

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